A Company that impresses people

We at GFC create valuable services and strive to improve them on an ongoing basis, sharing both successes and failures and putting the lessons to good use.
Behind our efforts and activities lies the relentless pursuit of better ways to do things.
Aiming to become a group of true professionals who go beyond manuals and striving to become better persons through our work, we will continue our forward-looking efforts with courage and belief.
Because customer success is our success, each one of us will carry through our mission in a responsible manner.


We at GFC believe that it is people who give technologies full play.
While keeping in mind that IT is only a tool and that what counts most is the people who use it, we strive every day to help customers conduct their business more efficiently and make it more fulfilling.

We do not compromise on our work or rest on our laurels or customers’ favorable comments, but continue providing inspiring services that will touch and move our customers.

We believe this is the reason for existence of GFC in this society.

While we handle IT, we can proudly say that we are a service provider.

Therefore, the maintenance, support, or construction work we do is not mere goods or work called “products,” but they constitute valuable pieces of service.

Each and every employee at GFC, including engineers, sales representatives, and back-office workers, acts on this principle as they serve their customers.

We will be more than happy if you feel our commitment to service through our work.