Service Flow


For consultation or inquiries related to our services, please contact us via the following telephone number or website.
Our coordinator will contact you within the following business day.

Hearing/Preliminary MeetingHearing/

We collect information required to address you request at a preliminary meeting.
If you need an NDA (nondisclosure agreement), please tell us. We will submit an NDA to all customers regardless of the conclusion of a formal business contract, and promise that we will not disclose the content of the meeting to any third party.


We conduct an investigation according to the content of your request.
For the investigation cost, our coordinator will determine after hearing your request and inform you prior to the implementation of the investigation.


Based on the investigation results, we will create an appropriate design that best suits the operation, budget, and future plan of your company. For the design cost, our coordinator will determine after hearing your request and inform you prior to the creation of the design.


Based on the design, we will implement your request with the closest attention so that our work will not interfere with your daily work.

Operational SupportOperational

For operational support after the introduction of a system, please avail yourself of our services.


Please contact GFC

GFC will serve you as your company’s IT consultant or advisor. For example, there is a certified public accountant for financial matters and a licensed tax accountant for tax matters, and a certified social insurance labor consultant for labor matters. IT is no exception and you need an IT expert.

You want to make the most of IT in your operations.

You would like to have advice about your in-house IT system.

Or maybe you think you do not need IT…But are you really sure?

There are many things that IT can solve, such as the enhancement of operational efficiency and the management of operations. Please contact GFC now!
As an IT consultant and adviser, we will put forward the best proposal for your company.
Please feel free to contact us.