February 2014
Started a business email communication course (basic) by a teacher certified by Japan Business Mail Association
February 2014
Opened the Kansai office
September 2013
Signed a partners shop contract with an energy saving lighting equipment manufacturer, IZ Inc.
July 2013
CEO Yoshino was reappointed (three times) as the chairman of the Ryoyo Electro Corporation’s partner club, Agile Club.
April 2013
Integrated the sales and technology department and restructured the organization to serve customers by business type, aiming to provide customer with one-stop service.
April 2013
Renewed Information Security Management System (ISMS/ISO 27001) certification.
February 2013
Introduced a safety confirmation system as a part of the business continuity plan.
January 2013
Developed the GFC Credo.
October 2012
Started disaster management trainings (staying in the office).
September 2012
Developed the new 3-year medium-term management plan Vision 2015.
August 2012
Become a certified partner of Acronis Japan Co., Ltd.
June 2012
Become a certified Citrix Solution Advisor partner.
December 2011
Signed a partner contract with Dell Japan as a contractor.
September 2010
Establishment of Customer Service Office aiming to build deeper trust relationships with customers.
August 2010
Start of mental health support for all employees by contract health outreach workers.
April 2010
Acquisition of Information Security Management System (ISMS/ISO 27001) certification (Certification registration number: IS 558360)
March 2010
Implemented thin client environment using Citrix XenApp into the office to improve the company’s system security.
February 2010
Became an agency of Hammock Corporation.
March 2009
Joined the Innovation Club of Tohmatsu Innovation Co., Ltd.
March 2009
Implemented an in-house engineer development program GITSS (GFC ITSS) in compliance with the Skill Standards for IT Professionals (ITSS) set forth by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
September 2008
The company name changed to Good Field & Company Co., Ltd., on the 10th anniversary.
September 2008
Capital increased to 21 million yen.
May 2008
Qualified as a fee-based employment agency (License No.13-ユ-303136)
May 2008
Qualified as a General Labor Dispatching Service Operator (License No.13-303636)
December 2006
Licensed as Manufacturer of Medical Equipment (License No. 13BZ200156)
March 2006
Joined the Registered Partner Program of Trend Micro Incorporated.
July 2004
Joined the Partner Program of Microsoft Co., Ltd. and became a registered member.
November 2003
Entered into Referral Sales Agreement with Tokyo Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (present Fuji Xerox Tokyo Co., Ltd.)
February 2003
Started operating “IT wellness care” service.
December 2002
Entered into Sales Partnership Agreement with Usen Broad Networks (present USEN).
November 1998
Enter into Agent Agreement with DDI (present KDDI).
September 1998
Established Good Field & Company in Shinkawa Chuo-ku, Tokyo